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Welcome to Crystal River Oil & Gas, LLC! 

Crystal River Oil & Gas, LLC is dedicated to solving our nation's energy crisis through increased production using cutting edge technology in old established fields and drilling new infill developmental wells. Having been in business for over 20 years, with office's in Basalt, Colorado and Cardiff, California, Crystal River Oil & Gas LLC has become known as a reliable, constant, and available company in the oil & gas industry.

The primary objective of Crystal River Oil & Gas is to become a significant player in both the conventional and unconventional USA oil and gas markets. To accomplish this, Crystal River has been building a solid portfolio of assets within the highly prospective Texas/Oklahoma region. Crystal River Oil & Gas has an aggressive growth strategy in place with a work program to advance its production projects and upgrade its resource status. By assembling a combination of  re-development and new drill projects, the Company is provided with a balanced low risk and high capital efficient development program. Through the use of innovative technology, Crystal River is focused on the re-development and enhanced recovery of mature fields as well as drilling low risk infill oil and gas properties.






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