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Crystal River Oil & Gas, LLC., herein after Crystal River, having been in business for over 20 years, is an independent oil and gas company involved in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas. With corporate offices in both Colorado and California, Crystal River offers a unique opportunity to those looking towards making working interest acquisitions.  

At Crystal River Oil & Gas, we recognize that our working interest acquisitions are the most important part of our success for both short and long term. We are always available for you and your questions whenever the need arises. All of our customer relations are hands-on, immediate, and personal.

One of the advantages of investing in a small company is that we will always have time for you and your needs. There are no big or small clients, only partners, and at Crystal River you can expect to be treated with both respect and consideration.  

Always improving the company and remaining up-to-date, Crystal River utilizes cutting edgefield technologies. Current projects include the drilling of horizontal wells. This technique lowers costs by 20% or more while increasing cumulative oil and gas recovery. Crystal River is currently for the implementation in negotiations interpretation and exploitation of 3-D seismic data for its leases in California.

Our CEO, Reiner Klawiter, has a long track record of success in utilizing the aforementioned strategic techniques of property acquisition, development and liquidation, together with the implementation of developing technologies, to accomplish the stated goals of Crystal River and its affiliates.  

In the 150 year existence of the oil and gas industry, business has never been better. The oil boom of the early 20th century seems to have returned as profits are reaching record heights in the oil industry. Because of the tightening supply and lingering energy bill in our own country, the global demand for energy, and tax write offs incentive, those who are looking for opportunities will be able to readily find them with Crystal River. If this is not enough incentive, consider that from 85 million barrels per day currently in demand, it is predicted that by 2030 the worldwide consumption will be 115 million barrels of oil a day. Here at Crystal River, we believe that the current oil and gas market has never been better and we think it will only continue to grow with time.  

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